Most Tolerant and forgiving Nation In the World

Pakistan is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world. This is the country where exists a wide diversity of culture, traditions and languages. Although nation of Pakistan has been, and still is, facing mighty internal challenges which threaten even its existence and it is often accused of being a fundamentalist and intolerant society, yet it is not true because this is the nation of tolerant, loving and resilient people. The fact was further reinforced by a recent “World Values Survey,” that ranks Pakistanis among the most racially tolerant people in the world.

The “World Values Survey” was based on respondents in more than 80 different countries to identify the sorts of people they would not wish to have their neighbours. In case of Pakistan, only 6.5 percent of the respondents objected to having a neighbour of a different race. This further proves the persistence of high level of tolerance in our people. Anglo and Latin American countries were among the most tolerant countries as respondents from UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were the most receptive to having racially diverse neighbours. It means that Pakistanis are more racially tolerant than even Germans or the Dutch.

Many people argue that Pakistan is a highly intolerant society to live in. It is this very country where minorities are being killed because they are infidels or simply because they follow other religious practices and rituals. Majority of us say that Pakistan is a country where Muslims are against Muslims. Other than that, we also take huge pride by killing the minorities on this very unfortunate soil.

Having said that, I refute all such claims, because I believe Pakistan and the people living in this country are very tolerant. We are tolerant enough to forgive and forget the killers of defenceless and innocent masses. We not only overlook, but we also exonerate the slayers of cold-blooded murders of innocent human beings, specifically when they carry out inhumane acts in the name of honour killings, blasphemy, religious indifferences and so on.