Cultivating motivation in a child with the simple aim of creating desire and drive in order to succeed is a universal challenge for parents as well as teachers. An extremely motivated child is always a pleasure to teach. This is simple because motivated children don’t let obstacles stop them from continuing. A child can use its head and creatively think of 101 ways to find and reach that jar of cookies you hide in your kitchen. It is no surprise that 3 year old children can use smart phones and download aps. Children are getting smarter by the generation and it is evident that if given the right guidance, they can surprise the best of us.

It was during the initial stages of Charter for Compassion Pakistan’s Ramzan Challenge 2013 that we were able to identify a young and motivated individual. Basit Sohail of class 9 at Aga Khan School Garden showed us that he could become a champion by doing what was necessary and create a social welfare project that would benefit a large community. At first, Basit had no clue as to what his project for Ramzan was going to be until it finally dawned on him that he had always been inclined towards spreading education and so he came up with the simplistic idea of creating libraries in underprivileged schools.

Now that Basit has a fair idea of what his project was going to be about, all he needed was a suitable name to go by and so PEAKS (Pakistan Education And Knowledge Society) was born. On the first day of Ramzan, Basit set out to collect all types of books from his home and his relative’s homes. As his collection gradually grew from 20 – 30 books, he started to receive books from some of his friends as well and when he thought that he had used up all his contacts, he decided to go to Karachi’s famous Sunday Bazar and purchase some books.

Within a span of 2 weeks, Basit successfully collected just over a 100 educational books that were ideal for a schools library. The final stage of Basit’s project required him to deliver these books to an underprivileged school and to complete this, he visited Sir Nadeem Ghazi’s English Institute in Lyari and decided to help that school set up its first library by donating all the books there. The schools Principal, teachers and students of the school acknowledged Basit’s efforts.

Though Basit single handedly attempted and succeeded in creating a library, he did not win the Ramzan Challenge. However, his efforts were not in vein, the judges were so impressed by his determination and motivation to spread education in underprivileged schools that they decided to announce a spontaneous consolation prize of a donation of 400 books for Basit’s cause.

We asked Basit what he though about his work and whether or not he wants to continue spreading education in this form. The boy coyly smiled and said, “Most definitely.”


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