I was teaching a history lesson to Grade VIII – one lesson was based on ‘CHILD LABOUR’. We discussed the causes and effects of this problem in society. I asked my students to ’empathize’ with the children who are forced to work and mention how they must feel. It was a good activity. I could see how kind-hearted and compassionate they became during the discussion. My students also learned the importance of empathizing. Thanks CFC!

– Teacher, Beaconhouse School System

Thank you so much for the amazing workshops arranged for the teachers of Beaconhouse School System. Mindfulness was one skill which attracted me the most and I want to incorporate it in my life. I always used to panic and had too many things on my mind while doing one thing. I started practicing mindfulness by focusing on a task experiencing each and every aspect of it. I think this skill, if followed by everyone, can improve the productivity and mood too. I will try to incorporate all the skills in my classrooms so that the aim of CSN team can be fulfilled to make students compassionate and good human beings. Thank you once again for the time and effort you are still putting in after the workshop.

– Teacher, Beaconhouse School System

The sessions were very informative and effective. They will help bring about a change in our way of teaching and our approach towards students.

– Teacher, Dawood Public School

I am grateful for this session such trainings should be organized from time to time to develop a better change in society.

– Teacher, The Aga Khan School, Garden

Believe it or not, I truly loved the workshop. Trust me I have felt amazing since the time I learnt that one should practice self-compassion – it has really made a change in my personality. I never knew that these activities would prove beneficial. A big thank you to the CFC team for doing such a wonderful job. It was highly appreciated.

– Teacher, Beaconhouse School System